Walk Slow Smile More - single by JUST (Justin Kniest) - designed by James Marsh


Single released by JUST on February 12th 2021

Label: Sharkin’ Around Music

Walk Slow Smile More is a song about my friend Niels who has Multiple Sclerosis. He has a tattoo saying Walk Slower Smile More. I had to write a song about him, because he is my big hero.

  1. Walk Slow Smile More JUST 3:53


Cold days
Long walks
White waves
Dark thoughts

Lay low, you said to me
How long is endlessly

I walk slow
Smile more
But there is no one here to notice
I walk slow
Smile more
From here the world looks like its upside down

I wake up
Stand tall
I reach out
Fall down

At night, I lay awake
These chains I can’t escape

I walk slow
Smile more
And save my tears from flowing over
I walk slow
Smile more
It’s hard when you’re a million miles from home

But the words on my skin
Feed the fire within
And I raise my glass
To the love we share and the times we’ve had

I walk slow
Smile more
I’m dancing while the storm blows over
I walk slow
Smile more
I feel the light and all my fears have gone, gone, gone, gone

Walk slow
Smile more
And get what
You search for


Music & Lyrics: Justin Kniest

Drums – Minco Eggersman

Electric Guitar – Lothar Kosse

Bass, Acoustic/Electric Guitar & Lead Vocals – Justin Kniest

Hammond Organ: Stephen Darrell Smith

Synthesizer – René De Vries

Orchestra: Fame’s Orchestra

String orchestration: Niels Dolieslager


Recorded in Klankzicht Studio, The Netherlands

Engineered by: Theodoor Borger

Produced by: Minco Eggersman

Arranged by: René de Vries

Mixed by: Minco Eggersman

Mastered by: Theodoor Borger

Artwork by: James Marsh