The Saddest Song - single by Justin Kniest aka JUST


Single released by JUST on July 4th 2019

Label: Sharkin’ Around Music

A sad and poignant song about losing your father to dementia. Written by Justin Kniest on a songwriter bootcamp in Spain in the summer of 2018.

  1. The Saddest Song JUST 3:01


Frames on the wall
Silence in the hall
Shoes beneath the bed
The voices in your head

Tears on my face
Reflected by this place
The shirts you never wore
The ghost outside your door

There is just you and me
Looking at each other
I don’t know if you can see
But you are still my father

Here in this room
Trying to remember
Who we were and what will be
While its getting darker

There is only you and me
Looking for each other
I don’t know if you can see
But you are still my father

But then you smile
And the shadows fade away
The room lights up
And we just can’t stop
We know just what to say

And when you play
The notes just come out right
So let’s make some noise
And pretend we’re still boys
We’ll cross the bridge together

There is always you in me
Tied to one another
I’ll sing along to the saddest song
The words might come out broken


Words & Music: Justin Kniest

Vocals, Guitars, bass, organ: Justin Kniest

Cello: Youd Nir

Harmonica: Leon van Egmond

Recorded  by: Justin Kniest

Mixed & Mastered by: Ronald Prent