Into The Fire - Single by JUST (Justin Kniest) - designed by James Marsh


Single released by JUST on October 6th 2021

Label: Sharkin’ Around Music

Into The Fire is a song about a toxic relationship I once had. With big highs and deep lows. Sometimes it is hard to say “it’s over”.

  1. Into The Fire JUST 4:38


Floats around the room
Where we are lying
Creeping down my neck
Without warning
Somehow I got lost
Inside the moment
I always thought that
I could change your way
A mistake
My eyes faced to the ground
Now you’ve stripped me down
To the wire

It’s make belief
You try to save your face
But I can hardly breath
And the lies come on strong
I’m broken man
It’s love and mental warfare
Since the day we met
And you’re pushing me down
Into the fire
At the stake
I don’t know ya baby
As you try to have me say
I’m a liar
And a fake
I ain’t rolling over
When you try to shift the blame
It’s too late

Is bringing back the times
When we were higher
It only goes to show
You’re in denial
And afraid
This ain’t blowing over
Now you try to make me stay

In the fire
At the stake
I ain’t rolling over
When you try to make me pay
It’s a shame
A shame


Music: Justin Kniest

Lyrics: Justin Kniest & Dana Kniest

Drums – Minco Eggersman

Electric Guitar – Lothar Kosse

Bass & Lead Vocals – Justin Kniest

Synthesizer – René De Vries

Hammond Organ: Stephen Darrell Smith

Backing Vocals: Dana Kniest


Recorded in Klankzicht Studio, The Netherlands

Engineered by: Theodoor Borger

Produced by: Minco Eggersman

Arranged by: René de Vries

Mixed by: Minco Eggersman

Mastered by: Theodoor Borger

Artwork by: James Marsh