Feels Like Home - single by Justin Kniest aka JUST


Single released by JUST on December 11th 2020

Label: Sharkin’ Around Music

Feels Like Home is a break-up song. When your mind can’t accept it’s over, you only want to hear that the truth is a lie.

  1. Feels Like Home JUST 4:42


The lights on your car
Burn a hole in the dark
You stare at the road
While I’m falling apart
The band on the tape
Plays our favourite song
I search for your smile
But you’re already gone

But it felt like home
But it felt like home

You walked through the door
With a story to tell
Your eyes tried to hide
But I know you too well
It slowly sinks in
That the love has been blind
My mind understands
But my heart lags behind

Cause it felt like home
Cause it felt like home

The bitter words
The broken glass
I can’t believe you made me ask
The sudden change
Alone again
I guess I should know better
I know I shouldn’t try
But tonight I need to hear
That the truth is a lie

And you’ve blackened the sun
No it’s all said and done
And there is no regret
And it’s all in my head

And it feels wrong
And it feels like home
And it feels wrong
And it feels like home


Music & Lyrics: Justin Kniest

Drums – Minco Eggersman

Electric Guitar – Lothar Kosse

Electric Guitar, Bass & Lead Vocals – Justin Kniest

Fretless bass: Ruben Bekx

Synthesizer – René De Vries


Recorded in Klankzicht Studio, The Netherlands

Engineered by: Theodoor Borger

Produced by: Minco Eggersman

Arranged by: René de Vries

Mixed by: Minco Eggersman

Mastered by: Theodoor Borger

Artwork by: James Marsh