Deep Cycles by JUST (Justin Kniest) - designed by James Marsh


Appears on the album Deep Cycles, released by JUST on October 29th 2021

Label: Sharkin’ Around Music

Eye Of The Storm tells the story of my journey from my depression towards a new balance. With all the doubts, fears and setbacks that came with it.

  1. Eye Of The Storm JUST 6:21


Nothing new here
But down the line
It doesn’t make a difference
When there’s nowhere to hide

All this bleeding
It’s all I know
I didn’t want to see it
Cause it’s hard to let go

I’m standing on my own
And I am facing down this storm

Nothing free out here
A lonely fight
I’m not sure I can make it
Cause I already tried

Lost my patience with
Laying low
The last time I was smiling
Was a lifetime ago

I’m standing on my own
And I am wading through this storm

Then I just can feel it
The first ray of light

And I stop to see it
Igniting the sky

Then I just can hear it
The absence of sound

And I can’t believe it
It’s peaceful around

But I’ve seen this place before
I can’t trust it anymore
What’s been gained has been replaced
Put me right back in my cage

Nothing new here
But it’s not the same
The fury of the floodwaves
Has been ebbing away

I’m only starting to understand
The reasons why this darkness
Won’t be striking again

Been walking for so long
But I can make it on my own


Music & Lyrics: Justin Kniest

Drums – Minco Eggersman

Acoustic/Electric Guitar, bass & Lead Vocals – Justin Kniest

Organ: Stephen Darrell Smith

Synthesizer – René De Vries

Backing Vocals: Dana Kniest

Orchestra: Fame’s Orchestra

String orchestration: Niels Dolieslager


Recorded in Klankzicht Studio, The Netherlands

Engineered by: Theodoor Borger

Produced by: Minco Eggersman

Arranged by: René de Vries

Mixed by: Minco Eggersman

Mastered by: Theodoor Borger

Artwork by: James Marsh