Deep Cycles by JUST (Justin Kniest) - designed by James Marsh


Appears on the album Deep Cycles, released by JUST on October 29th 2021

Label: Sharkin’ Around Music

Desperate Play is a conversation with my inner deamon who is always trying to make me believe something terrible is about to happen.

  1. Desperate Play JUST 4:41


I reached the end
Now it’s on repeat
You turn it up
As I fall asleep

Moonless nights
Live or die
A world denied

Now I’m waiting for light to arrive
While you’re twisting the knife in my side
I don’t know how to save
What you try to erase

Got tangled up
In your desperate play
To drag me down
Every single day

Moonless nights
Stand and fight
The war inside

While I’m waiting for light to arrive
And I can’t tell the truth from your lies
I can see you enjoy
What you try to destroy

Despite all the pain
I still bear the blame
The demon in you is me
It seems, it seems

I lost myself
In this doggone place


Music & Lyrics: Justin Kniest

Drums – Minco Eggersman

Acoustic/Electric Guitar & Lead Vocals – Justin Kniest

Bass: Ruben Bekx

Synthesizer – René De Vries

Orchestra: Fame’s Orchestra

String orchestration: Niels Dolieslager


Recorded in Klankzicht Studio, The Netherlands

Engineered by: Theodoor Borger

Produced by: Minco Eggersman

Arranged by: René de Vries

Mixed by: Minco Eggersman

Mastered by: Theodoor Borger

Artwork by: James Marsh