Held By Trees Releaseparty

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So there we stand. On a Friday evening in the Union Club in Soho, London. All musicians present who played on Solace by Held By Trees. Posing for the assembled press.

From left to right: Laurence Pendrous, me, Dave Griffiths, Phill Brown, Andy Panayi and Peter Moon.

Laurence and Andy played on mark Hollis’ (singer Talk Talk) solo album. Phill was the engineer/mixer of that same album (and dozens of other records from Talk Talk to The Rolling Stones) and Dave brought us all together for Solace, his ode to the music of Talk Talk.

During the evening I got to know Phill Brown a little better and we talked about recording and mixing all these great artists (Stones, David Bowie, Pink Floyd, Talk Talk, Led Zeppelin, Roxy Music, Faithless, Dido, Devo, Laura Marling). I also presented him the vinyl version of my album Deep Cycles. Which he told me he likes very much. What a moment!

Now that I’m back at home I’m still wondering what forces are at play that make these kinds of dreams come true.

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